Sunday, October 16, 2005

We Must Protect This House

Went to the game yesterday, and while it wasn't USC/ND or Michigan/PSU dramatic, it was still pretty exciting. I think my ears started bleeding at the end of the first half when OSU blocked the field goal and ran it back 75 yards.

However, my enjoy-ability of the game was tempered by the fact that a Michigan State fan was sitting behind me. Literally, when I stood up for the first 3rd down of the game to cheer, the guy said, "Why do you have to stand up when no one in front of you is standing up?"

I apologized for getting excited at my home team's game, pointed out that I had paid for the ticket where I was sitting, and promised never to stand up and cheer at a Michigan State home game. What a dick. If I was in Cleveland, I would have covered him in beer.


Nye! said...

Speaking of protecting this house, does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to get to South Bend from Cincinnati? The shortest way seems to be to go through Indianapolis, but it looks like everything north of Indy isn't a highway. If that's the case, it might actually be faster to go through Toledo. Thoughts?

NYE! 1.0 said...

i'd take 75 to toledo and then the turn pike West