Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fall break is here

No school for a whole week. Here's what's been going on and what's on the agenda for the week, as well as some things I've been pondering:

  • Moot Court tryouts are ending right about now, so hopefully we'll have some sloppy-drunk posts from John when he gets home at about 2am. I'm excited, are you?
  • One of my neighbors around the corner called the City and complained that I wasn't trimming the hedges in the back, so I got cited for "encumbrancing the sidewalk." A $25 fine. What an asshole, right? Where I grew up, we didn't have sidewalks, except for this little one near the town park and fire station, and the city maintained it. So I'm pleading ignorance and asking them to throw out the fine at my hearing tomorrow. The fun of it is, I work for the City. So I will leave work to attend a hearing on my violation, then go back to work, whereupon I may very well be assigned to write the report on my violation. Awesome.
  • In order to get the fine waived, I actually had to trim back the bushes. Fair enough. But in doing so I made the unfortunate discovery that there is a veritable shit-ton of poison ivy over there. Fantastic.
  • Is it legally possible to rape oneself? I think even if it is, it would be impossible to get a conviction, because anyone you managed to get to trial would just plead the Fifth.
  • Had three job interviews in Cleveland last week, so I get jumpy every time the phone rings (not often, of course) and am dreading opening the mail. I love job-hunting.
  • Please, do your part to keep kids off drugs. Just say no to "camel toads."
  • Over fall break there is a lot of fun to be had. Hopefully my lawn mower will be fixed and I can cut the grass (since it hasn't been done since, oh, August or so). There is plenty of reading and paper-writing to be done.
  • The highlight will be heading to South Bend for the holy war between Notre Dame and BYU. I try to stay out of the "my God is better than your God" thing, but one of my best friends from high school plays for BYU. Regrettably, doesn't seem to update the stats for Mountain West teams, because they still have him listed as a TE, even though he's a linebacker. You can scroll down to the bottom of this box score to find his name and his two solo tackles against San Diego State two weeks ago. I'm going with my little brother, a huge ND fan, so that should be fun for both of us.
  • It's been 10 years since "Calvin and Hobbes" ended, and I'm still sad about it.
  • My wife's cat got stuck in a Chipotle bag today. It was funny enough that rather than remove it, we let it writhe around until it punched a hole in the bag and walked out the other end.
  • I've started drinking coffee. Somehow this makes me feel like less of a man, but I have officially resolved to only drink it black from now on. Hopefully that will help.
  • Watched a little poker on TV the other day and laughed out loud when the announcer said that someone was holding "a King-Jack off-suit." A jack-off suit? What the fuck is that?
  • I'm writing my Note for Law Review about potential copyright issues in the Google Library Project. Every day I get an email update on the latest happenings in the case from Google News. Is that a potential conflict of interest?
  • Cleveland's two hottest young bachelors sports stars, LeBron James and Braylon Edwards, were hospitalized this week. Were I Grady Sizemore, I would be very worried right now.
  • Finally, I need six character references for the bar application application (yes, I have to apply for admission to apply). I really don't trust any of my friends to say anything good about me, so if any of you out there are willing to help, please let me know.

As my little brother would say, "so until next time, remember -- on a scale of one to awsome, I'm still super-great."


Pettifogger said...

Your school gives you a whole week off the Fall Semester? I knew I went to the wrong school. I don't get any days off except for labor Day and Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday.

Nye! said...

Yeah, like Spring Break, only with less underage drinking. You'd be crazy if you thought that didn't factor into my decision to choose UC.

EK said...

Isn't it your cat now too, dude?

Cosmopolitan said...

I was thinking the same thing, ek. Nye, you are now the cat's daddy, whether you like it or not!

Have fun at the ND game next week. I, of course, am hoping they can pull off a big win today to send my team higher in the polls.

Nye! said...

It is not my cat. It will never be my cat.

Cosmo, who is your team? You strike me as an SEC East girl.

Cosmopolitan said...

Oh like Tre hasn't told you everything ;)

Nye! said...

OK, yeah, he did. I just still don't understand how he did it. It kind of creeps me out.

Dirty Martini said...

I think I've missed something juicy here - what exactly did Tre manage to do that we haven't been updated about???? (-;

Cosmopolitan said...

Nye - I am the self-elected president of the internet stalkers society and thus am proud of Tre's ability. Do not fear this talent...just stay on our good sides!

DM - Sadly there aren't any recent juicy developments.

Dirty Martini said...

Oh well. To bad...