Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Strange sight

In the library today, there was a man who apparently attends the law school across the river. He sat in our computer lab feeding pages from a book into a scanner and emailing them to himself, one by one. For about six hours.

The book he was pilfering? A treatise on copyright law.


Anonymous said...

you know what's many people pick their nose in class and think nobody's watching. I'm always watching, because I am always picking my nose, but the really interesting part is where they wipe it. Isn't any wipe an ethical violation?

Christie said...


Me said...

Why is that surprising? Obviously, since he was sending it to himself, he hasn't read it yet. He has no idea that what he was doing was wrong.

He will obviously go and read what he send himself, then realize that what he did was wrong, burn the pages, and probably sleep with his mother and poke out his eyes.