Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Quick hits

Just a few little things to brigten your day:
  • Fantasy update -- I never gave the recaps of my other drafts because I didn't want to tip my strategy before my league with John drafted. Yes, I am a huge dork. In any case, things didn't look so good this week, and I went 2-2. Here is the breakdown so far for each of my four leagues: 2-1, 2nd place; 1-2, 8th place; 2-1, 3rd place; 2-0, 2nd place (with John in first), overall 7-4. Also, let's just say that I've discovered a glaring inefficiency in one league that has led to a firesale, so things might pick up soon.
  • I have two callbacks from OCI over the last two weeks. The first one is tomorrow here in Cincinnati. As I have never been on a callback before, I have no idea how to behave myself. Suggestions welcome.
  • With 6 games to play, the Tribe is still in the lead for the Wild Card, and is 2 back in the AL Central. If they go 4-2 over the last 6, they can do no worse than a one-game playoff. 5-1 gets them into the post-season with at least the Wild Card berth, and 6-0 gets them the division title. And that's assuming the worst-case scenario -- that the White Sox win the next three against Detroit, that the Red Sox sweep their four against Toronto, that the Yankees sweep Baltimore, and that the Sox/Yankees series goes 2-1 one way or the other (a sweep by either team would benefit the Tribe).

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Cosmopolitan said...

Good luck with the callbacks!