Saturday, September 10, 2005


Notre Dame beats Michigan

Clemson beats Maryland.

LSU beats Arizona St.

Iowa beats Iowa State.

Ohio State beats Texas.

Drinking and football, that's what Ohio does.

Mark it down.

I'd also bet that FSU beats The Citadel.


Anonymous said...

I blame you for everything that went wrong this week

Anonymous said...

Fearless and stupid. Hook 'em Horns!!!

Tre! said...

Be sure to thank your Big 12 officiating crew. Texas owes them one.

Anonymous said...

What kind of crybaby whines about the refs?

Instead, I'll go ahead and thank Tressel for changing his quarterbacks more frequently than those lame-ass sweaters he wears.

Nye! said...

Since we're on the topic, what kind of person posts anonymous comments?

NYE! 1.0 said...

First one was me, i was having issues for some reason. Sorry