Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fantasy football, part 2

Yeah, another one of these. I've promised to write about it, and I'm not going to back down now.

Yesterday was a league with some of my brother's friends from Columbus. I've met maybe two of them, so obviously this was low on my list of priorities. And it got even lower when I discovered that it's one of those retarded two-QB leagues. Two QBs, two WRs, two RBs, and two defenses. One kicker, one tight end, and one flex player. To top it off, there were only three bench spots, meaning you can't keep a backup for every position. That means that whoever wins the race to the waiver wire every week will win the league. Wonderful. In any case, it's still a good tune-up for tonight's draft with the fraternity brothers. To aid me in the Columbus league, I enlisted the help of my buddy Bill.

Standard ten-team draft, snake style, no keepers. I had the seventh overall. Somehow Culpepper went first overall, so I felt pretty good about my chances to land a top back. Dillon was there and I snatched him up. Got Edge on the way back, and Rudi Johnson in the third round. That's a nice little stable to build the team around. Favre in the fourth, Nate Burleson in the fifth, Mike Clayton in the sixth. Drew Bennett in the seventh for bye-week filler, and David Carr as the second QB to finish off the major starters. Went with the Buffalo and Chicago for the defenses, and I figure I'll play Defense Roulette whenever the Bears play Minnesota. Byron Leftwich as our third QB in the 11th, Dallas Clark as our TE in the 12th, and then Antonio Bryant and Sebastian Janikowski to finish the draft. After it was over they expanded the roster by one, and I added Travis Henry. I figure he'll either be starting or worthless by the time he comes up in a bye-week conflict, so it will be nothing ventured-nothing gained, or valuable trade bait.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with my team. I'm really thrilled that I managed to take Dillon, James, and Johnson in the first three rounds. I'm a little disappointed that I passed on Isaac Bruce late (took Clark instead) but Bruce would have been my fourth receiver, and I can only start three in the best- (or worst-) case scenario. On the other hand, Clark might have lasted. I also was hoping to snatch up one more of the rookie backs late in the draft, but JJ Arrington went in the 5th (about five rounds too high, in my opinion) and I had Cadillac Williams in my queue when my brother took him at 91. My week one matchup in this league puts me against Peyton Manning, but no one else I'm really that concerned about. I feel like I'm better across the board at every other position, with the possible exception of kicker.

One more draft tonight, 9:30 in the p.m. Details soon.

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