Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"We gots us a hurrican'!"

It took me an hour and forty-five minutes to get to school today, and I only live 9 miles from school. Normally it's an eighteen minute trek. In part, this is due to a leaking train car around the corner from my house -- the entire neighborhood in the valley down the street has been evacuated because they're afraid it will explode. It's freaking styrene, people. Vinyl benzene. It's not fucking uranium.

On top of that, we're getting bombed with rain from that "hurricane" that came through, which is what I wanted to talk about. OK, I understand that not everyone can evacuate. Whether it's for health reasons or because of economic problems, some people just can't get out of town. Fine. But these people who stay because they think they can weather the storm are fucking morons. I don't care if they want to stay and get washed away with the flood -- we should let them kill themselves for all I care. What we shouldn't do is rescue them from their rooftops. There's no reason that we should allow these people to put the lives of the rescuers in danger because they're too stupid to evacuate when they have the means and time to do it. Let them wait it out. Eventually the water will subside and they can come down without endangering the lives of the people who are smart enough to evac and noble enough to risk their lives saving the innocents.


NYE! 1.0 said...

So i have a friend, Will that goes to Tulane and he is premed. He volunteers time at the Tulane hospital. So they housed him through the storm so he could help. Well low and behold late yesterday the Lake Ponchatrain barrier broke. The breech was two blocks long and water started rising at the university at a rate of 2 inches every 5 minutes. He said in about 4 hours the first floor was underwater and the water was still rising. They ended up evacing everyone and the got a phone call off (to his g/f so i got the info second hand) from the rescue center.

You also forgot to make fun of the oil platform running into bridge in AL.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I usually agree w/what you guys have say but that is s totally heartless and ridiculous...I'm sure most of those "morons" couldnt afford to evacuate or had no other choice but to stay

I understand you guys go for the shock factor, but sometimes it may be a little too far

Nye! said...

Dear Anonymous,

Two things.

1) You know what's ridiculous? Posting anonymously.

2) You obviously didn't read my post. I specifically excluded those who had no choice but to stay from my criticisms. The ones that I am angry with are the ones who stayed because they thought they knew better than the forecasters how severe the storm was going to be, or because they just didn't feel like going. That post was prompted by three such "morons" who were interviewed on Tuesday morning's news, freely admitting that they could have gone but chose not to for the aforementioned reasons. They were subsequently evacuated by helicopter, endangering the lives of the rescue team and delaying the rescue of those "who had no other choice but to stay," as you put it.

NYE! 1.0 said...

Do you always get this stupid things that advertise other worthless crap?

Erica said...

I have to say thanks for being straightforward. My mom yelled at me for saying basically the same thing this afternoon about the hurricane. I feel badly for everyone, but it's a waste of energy to feel sympathy for those people who could have left.

Also, your blog made my day. Thanks.

Nye! said...

1.0 -- It's rather rare, actually, this being maybe the second and third times it has happened. If it persists we'll figure out a way around it.

Erica -- Glad you agree. You put it quite succinctly.

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry that you feel that way. I would hope that after watching the news for the past 48 hours that all you would feel is sympathy for those involved. And I definitely was not attacking you, just pointing out that this might not be a joking matter. I'm sorry if I offended you. Just be glad that your wordly possessions are not trapped under 20 feet of water.

Nye! said...

Again with the anonymous comments.

My point, once more, is that we should feel sorry for those whose worldly possessions are under 20 feet of water. We just shouldn't feel sorry for the people who are sitting on top of those same possessions right now, when they had every opportunity to leave over the weekend.