Monday, August 29, 2005

Today in the Library...

I asked a fellow student if I could borrow a highlighter.

His response was "Sure, go ahead, actually, you can use my Westlaw highlighter, it's in there feuding with my Lexis-Nexis pen."

I let him know that I had never heard someone sound more like a dork in my life.

If you ever say that inanimate gifts from Westlaw and Lexis are feuding, you deserve to be beaten, soundly.

Oh, did I mention it was Nye that said this? Go figure. Married life has killed his sense of humor.


Nye! said...

I'm glad you gave that highlighter back, because as it turns out, the Lexis pen was lonely without it. It seems that perhaps that vigorous rubbing and grinding wasn't just what it looks like when things without arms try to fight.

Do you think I'll have little babies running around my bag soon? What form would they take? My guess is they'll either be those giant paper clips or staple removers.

Anonymous said...

You sure they arent going to turn like some kind of mutant eraser highlighter looking thing?