Tuesday, August 23, 2005

R.I.P. 2L Motivation

Time of Death: 4:30 PM, 1st day of class

Lifespan: Approx. 7.5 hours

Highlights: Bought textbooks at two different bookstores, fed meter on time, read for class on time, took detailed notes in class including outline format.

Cause of death: Decision to drop seminar class instead of driving back into school.

Services will be held at BW3's tonight (I refuse to call it BWW) over 35 cent wings. I am also working on arranging a happy hour for Friday night.

I feel like my 3L motivation may die before I sign my credit card receipt for books.


Trotskey said...

My 2L motivation passed on minutes before reading this post. I just completed 36 pages of the most dense and incomprehensible reading ever encountered for Federal Income Tax. Thinking that I had acheived a great victory in overcoming laziness and was entitled to a well-earned break, my newfound self-congratulatory mood was crushed when I realized that I had 35 pages of reading due in my only other class tomorrow (I don't even have the book yet).
On top of that, I have about 25 cover letters to complete before August 30th, and I have to somehow come up with a topic within two weeks for a law review paper that I don't really want to write.

Tre! said...

Don't forget coming up with a lawyer you admire for our 2L Lawyering paper due on Thursday.

I wrote one of these about my Mom in 1st grade. I'm thinking about just turning that bad boy in.

Pbarbecue said...

This is beginning to look like a mass casualty incident. Most reading this post are likely doing so instead of paying attention to whatever class they're in. (In my case civ pro)

Dildo said...

My 2L motivation passed about the time I realized Comcast had given us HBO and Showtime instead of cutting off our cable.