Wednesday, August 24, 2005

OK, Sorry, This is funnier

Man, I thought nothing would be funnier than Oliver the pink shirt wearing douchebag. However, religious nutjobs always take the cake.

What's the protocol for apologizing for calling for a man's assassination. I mean, I know when you grow up people always say apologizing makes things better, but what about when you call for a man's life. I can't imagine ole' Pat making a 180 this quickly, so it's pretty obvious what happened.

Ashton Kutcher.

Hugo Chavez, welcome to American culture, you just got Punk'd!! Who knew that Pat Robertson and Ashton were such good friends. Maybe it's because they've both slept with Demi Moore (technically, Mr. Robertson only used to pleasure himself to G.I. Jane, but who's counting).

However, Chavez got the last laugh when he told Americans that gas costs 15 cents a gallon in his country. Sounds good? Oh yeah, they're ruled by a communist warlord, details!

Robertson also said that he was misinterpreted. He says he said the US should "take him out" not "assassinate" him. So Robertson just wanted US Special Forces to take Chavez to the Olive Garden for unlimited soup and salad? Maybe after that they'd go roller skating. Who knows, at the end of the night maybe they'd go home and play a little game called 'just the tip' and see how it feels.

Last time I checked, if you ask a Navy Seal to 'take someone out,' he's not thinking dinner and a movie or political maneuvering. So Hugo, sorry about the Punking, give us some gas?


Pbarbecue said...

May I suggest a new line of greeting cards: "Sorry I said you should be Assasinated." or maybe a touching "I hope you don't die . . . honest."

Productive Citizen: every-so-often rant said...

Tre's brain has been poisoned by music television...

come to for reprogramming!

Giselle said...

Have you seen Jon Stewart's take on the whole "just assassinate him because it'll be more cost effective" thing? Hilarious.