Saturday, August 20, 2005

Employment law question

Is there anything with more potential to ruin your summer job than an office fart? My office (the fourth of the summer) is quite small, and most of it is taken up by bookshelves and desks. So when you walk in, you're maybe three or four feet away from me sitting in my desk chair. And let's just say that I've been known to be particularly gassy at times. OK, all the time. What happens if I let one rip, and my boss knocks on the door less than a second later? Can I get fired for that?


A way out.... said...

For things like this you should keep sardines in your desk. IF the boss asks what smells, just tell him you opened a can.

Me said...

Burn a candle?

I have to say that I've never dealt with that particular employment law question.