Thursday, July 14, 2005

Random Tuesday Thoughts on Thursday

1.) I'm taking Nye to the dentist tomorrow at 8:30 AM to get his wisdom teeth out. This should be funny for a variety of reasons. First, Nye will be loopy and I'll try to extract some good stories out of him. Second, I'm going out drinking tonight, so the odds that I'm fully coherent tomorrow morning are very slim. I can't wait to see the doctor's reaction when he notices Nye's "caretaker" smells like a walking bar restroom.

2.) Michele Wie shouldn't play in the Masters. If she does, I expect many average male basketball players to try out for the WNBA. I still maintain my high school team could win the WNBA title. If women are going to be allowed to play men's sports (when there is an equivalent women's league), then men need to be allowed to play women's sports. I remember a few years ago when an English guy in California tried to play HS field hockey. Women's groups everywhere bitched. However, if men's groups say anything about women playing in PGA events, we are chauvanistic and juvenile, whatever.

3.) The Melinda girl on the new Real World is ridiculously hot. She seems totally cool as well, except for the fact that she's in love with this Danny guy after like 2 days. I can't judge though, I've fallen in love with her after about 2 episodes. Oh, did I mention she is a self-described nympho.

4.) Bulldozers Softball is looking to end our 3-game slide. The problem is we haven't scored more than 7 runs in the last 3 games. This is the same team that played a 31-28 game in the fall. The heart is lacking in the summer.

5.) I learned today that Kristin from Laguna Beach and I share a birthday. We also share the birthday with Benedict Arnold, Byron Leftwich, Dave Grohl, LL Cool J, and Albert Schweizer. I would definitely sleep with 2 people that share my birthday.

6.) Itemized lists are trite, but I really have nothing to blog about this week, it's been pretty boring.


Nye! said...

Funny, I was going to blog about this same thing. The dentist called to confirm my appointment tomorrow, and after haggling over exactly how much this is going to cost me, they told me to make sure that I brought a "responsible driver" along with me. I laughed and said "responsible driver? Will there be a test? How about I bring my son?" The nurse laughed uncomfortably, and I can hear the papers shuffling as she looks to recheck how old I am. "Just make sure someone's here to take you home." Sure thing.

Tre! said...

I'm definitely telling her that I'm your son in the waiting room tomorrow. Then, I will vomit in the waiting room trash can.

meaty said...

So, you'd sleep with the laguna beach princess and LL Cool J? Good choice..