Saturday, July 16, 2005

I thought this only happened to college kids

So, the wisdom teeth are gone. The anesthesia has worn off, so I'm capable of complete sentences again. I've decided to stop taking the vicodin, too, because otherwise I'd probably fall asleep in the middle of this post. As you might imagine, I'm still in a fair amount of pain, but thankfully I have stories like this to get me through. This is an actual email from a friend of mine who's just finished his first year at [Elite Graduate School] -- I have changed only capitalization. This happened on his way to a conference in Europe.

Sitting on plane with very distinguished [EGS] prof (he was one of five guys invited to a conference last year - of the other four three were Nobel laureates in econ and one was Bill Clinton). I woke up around 3am when he was elbowing me in the face. He was asleep and trying to stand up. Eventually did. Proceeded to walk (we were in the first row of our section) to the stewardess' seat and drop his pants. I looked around. Everyone was asleep.

I went and woke him up. I think he was a little embarrassed to be standing there in just his tighty whities. So... we are landing and the stewardess sits down. She yells. Her seat is soaked. She does not know why. Holy shit. She is twisting the seatbelt and some liquid is POURING out. The seat is fucking soaked. We both sit in silence. He with shame. I with guilt.

Good to know that you can still be a world-reknowned professor at a world-reknowned university even if you can't control your bladder, isn't it?

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Alda said...

Ewww! But very funny... lol