Saturday, July 23, 2005

And then we got kicked out of the bar

Last night we decided to take a trip down to Main Strauss in Kentucky. With so many bars in close proximity to each other, the drinking quickly escalated, leaving BACs higher than GPAs.

We had been at one bar most of the night, then ended up heading to another bar near the end of the night. I went up to the bar and got a beer, then turned around to see one of my friends sitting there with his shirt off. Some guy came up to us and told me that we had to leave. I calmly and politely thanked him for his concern, but that we'd be alright without his advice. I did this by saying the words "Fuck off, asshole." I don't know what level of vagina this guy was, but he went and got the bouncer and told him that some drunk guy took his shirt off in the bar. The bouncer then immediately kicked us out of the bar.

Now, I was a little pissed about getting kicked out last night, but I was drunk enough that I didn't care. Thinking about it this morning (and I use 'morning' liberally), it was actually total bullshit that we got kicked out.

If a drunk girl had taken her shirt off at the bar, I don't think the douchebag at the bar would have summoned a bouncer. Furthermore, once the bouncer got there, I don't think he would have kicked her out. When a guy takes his shirt off, he has to be a total prick and kick people out that aren't really doing shit. Meanwhile, there's most likely some fully clothed asshole in the corner that's slipping roofies into some girl's drink. Who do you think women find more offensive?

Then again, the kid with his shirt off also lost the phone number of girls that wanted to go hot tubbing with us later. So maybe he deserved it.


I see your point said...

Seeing as he lost the hot tub girls numbers, you should have taken his pants as well and made him walk about shirtless and pantless.

Nye! said...

I'm skeptical, John. Why not name names? Were *you* really the shirtless guy?

blondeincali said...

Shirtless drunk men are hot as long as they have a nice bod. However, a fat sweaty shirtless drunk is not hot, and therefor should be thrown out. Same with the fully clothed roofie slipping guy...because anybody that needs to have a girl passed out in order to get some can't be hot.