Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sometimes it's just your fault

Finally it feels like summer. I finally have free time. The last month has been filled with studying, exams, and the requisite binge drinking following exams. Now it's summer, and my job consists of doing a whole lot of nothing. As such, hopefully I write a little more on this bad boy.

So today I'm at the local grocery store picking up the week's groceries and a variety of topics to blog about presented themselves to me. First, I think that I could definitely live off Sunday afternoon grocery samples. Every corner I turned around there was another free sample. It's a good idea for those of you on a budget, just find an area with a high concentration of grocery stores, and sample away all Sunday. Second, the 40 to 50 year old man behind me was buying condoms, KY, wheat bread, eggs, and bacon. That's it. I accidentally made eye contact with him and he gave me that "you know what I'm gonna do tonight" grin. I hope when I'm middle aged, I'm not proudly buying all the essentials for a one night stand. Next, there was a lady with her 3 screaming kids buying $250 worth of groceries haggling about the price of individual items and blocking the line next to me from moving. I was hoping the guy behind me in line would just break open the condoms and KY and giver her a thorough thrashing, it was obviously what she needed. However, what I want to bitch about today is a completely different topic, fatties.

I was a little disturbed about the obese man driving around in his motorized cart with his two fat kids in tow. I know what you're thinking, the cart must have been full of healthy, low fat, low calorie foods with a lot of vegetables and fruits. Actually, my cursory inspection showed the cart was full of mozzarella sticks, chips, queso, hohos, and pop tarts. I can only imagine the guy taking the hohos and dipping them in the queso then stuffing his face. This brings me to my point, sometimes the reason your fat is because you eat shitty food and ride around in a cart to buy it. I find it somewhat ironic that these people don't even get exercise when buying the food that makes them fat.

What really pisses me off is that obese people are now complaining that they are discriminated against by having to buy two seats on the plane or not being able to get jobs that require them to be somewhat active. Right, it's the system discriminating against you, not you hurting yourself. Maybe, just maybe, if you just got the single burger at Wendy's instead of the triple bacon cheeseburger ranch biggie sized with a frosty, then you wouldn't have to buy two seats. I'm a tall guy, so I'm crammed into an airplane seat as is. The last thing I want is someone else next to me creeping into the limited space I have on a plane. Oh, you can't help that you're large, so you shouldn't have to buy two tickets? What was it that you couldn't help, getting a handicapped sticker for your car so you don't have to walk an extra 15 feet whenever you go somewhere, or was it eating twix bars for breakfast? So either buy an extra ticket or start walking to Subway every day instead of ordering in Donato's. If Jared's ass can do it, yours can too.

True, some people have serious thyroid issues that severely dehabilitate their metabolism. However, the problems of this group of people have been extrapolated to cover the obese population as a whole. Some people definitely have a slower metabolism than others, but that's just life. It means you have to work harder to stay in shape and be healthy than others. I'm white and I can't really jump that high. Does that mean that I should get to use a mini-trampoline when I play basketball? I also like to drink a lot and go out on Thursday nights. It's not my fault I like to do this, it's my environment. I think the government should definitely grant me a lifelong exemption from Friday work. Three day weekends, here I come.

I'm not sure this is coherent, but maybe tomorrow at work I'll work on developing my point a little better. I'm just tired of fat people expecting they deserve protection as a disabled class because "they can't help it." You can help it, it just takes self-control and effort. It's just easier to sit on your ass and bitch than get out and do something about it. Don't expect me to care.


Brian Atkins said...

I am deeply offended by what you have posted. I was recently fired from my job as assistant groundskeeper at a golf course and I sued their asses.

Just kidding, I actually just watched part of a show on MTV about obese young people and it disgusted me. I blame the parents. The new rage is to just have gastric bypass to solve all problems so that there is no real work involved. I feel sorry for these people to a point, but come on, they had to play some significant part in their own destruction.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettel black? Wasn't your high school nickname fatleven?

Tre! said...

No, but if you want to call me a pot, I'll call you a moron.

Let's please at least first learn how to spell if you want to use the base insults. Kettel?? You mean kettle or Harvey Keitel, who knows?

Furthermore, get your facts straight, I played 3 sports in high school. I did not get fat until college.

I'm really hoping that all these moronic insults come from the same anonymous. I'm assumming they all come from a man who can't find Egypt on the map and hails from Granville, but I could be wrong.

johnnytsmum said...

fatleven, nice, i like it. i was fat as a youth, and you may be thinking "so what, all kids go through a hefty stage," but let's be honest here, we have all seen those kids that are just going through the chubby stage and then we see those that just make you cringe and you know that they are headed towards a life of cheetos and donuts. i was the cheetos and donuts kid. anyhow, my pt is (other than my love of hot krispy kreme donuts) that for the most part i agree w/you fatleven, i find it hard to feel sorry for a person that lives to eat and not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

You are such an asshole - all of your blogs sound so arrogant. Like the world should revolve around you. Do you not have anything better to do with your life?

Tre! said...

I have plenty of better things to do with my life. However, seeing people get pissed off about something I write while watching Baseball Tonight or Daily Show is just too damn fun! If the 15-30 minutes I spend on a post can truly show how fucking important I am, then maybe I am doing something right.

I'm sorry if I come off as arrogant, it's just really hard being so much better than everyone else.

Last time I checked the purpose of a blog is to share your opinions, and most of the opinions I share will be MINE, so I'm sorry if you see some sort of bias in them.

Based on a good friend's recommendation, I'm actually going to start putting a little time into these posts. They'll be a little more intellectually stimulating, and I'm guessing you can't comprehend anything more than the mindless babble I've spit up so far, so you might just want to stop reading now.

Cambria Marie said...
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