Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1.) Nye is a complete bum. Not only does he not blog, but he tries to enlist me to help him paint a room in the house he's moving into. ONE room!! Some things are just one-man jobs, like mowing the lawn, napping, masturbation, and definitely paint a room. Come on Nye.

2.) The vending machines in my office carries candy bars exclusively. I then look around the office at the denizens of overweight peeps, and I wonder if I'm working in some sort of time bubble where they don't care about being healthy.

3.) I am spending way too much money in Mt. Lookout.

4.)Anyone see "The Scholar" last night? I watched parts, and I don't recommend it at all, except there is a really cocky kid that is unintentionally hilarious. He's not jock cocky though, he's smart cocky. You know, the kid who before tests was like, I'm gonna get 100%, why, because you are all morons. I'm assuming upcoming plotlines include him getting shoved into a locker by one of the other kids on the show. It was great to see how upset with himself he got when he missed the question to win $50,000. It was: " Who wrote Gone With the Wind?" Call me uneducated, but I would have missed this question as well. However, I don't read chick books, so I wouldn't have cared. He didn't cry, but close enough.

5.) Anyone know Megan Willis? She's the catcher for the University of Texas softball team. And yes, I'm in love with a softball catcher. I know the jokes, she must be a lesbian, or she could kick my ass, but really, I don't see anything wrong with that. I definitely watched a lot of the softball college world series this weekend. What Megan really has going for her is spunk, which is a definite requirement. However, I hate the word spunk, and promise never to use it again. For the record, I'd take Cat Osterman in a heartbeat as well. So if anyone knows Megan or Cat, tell them to give me a call. We need to start breeding little baseball and softball players immediately. How does one go about meeting the University of Texas softball team? Any ideas?

6.) White bread has gotten a bad rap. I haven't bought it in about 2 years because of the healthier wheat alternative. I decided to mix it up this week, and man, I forgot what I'm missing. PB and J on white is the most amazing sandwich ever. A close second is the Oscar Meyer Bologna and Cheese with Miracle Whip on white.

7.) I'm still trying to determine if the Philly/Atlantic City trip is blogable.

8.) This is the last blog I ever try to type at work on my 1988 Apple II e computer (it's better than that, but interns get the shaft here, for sure, or maybe they're just smart and keeping us off the internet).


Alda said...

Go over to England, tell them Megan Willis has a lot of spunk and watch them tumble to the ground laughing their asses off! Because OVER THERE spunk means something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

penxv said...

"A close second is the Oscar Meyer Bologna and Cheese with Miracle Whip on white."

That is what they serve in jail in Washington D.C.

One sandwich per day.

And yes... you apparently can get arrested for being awesome.