Tuesday, June 07, 2005

OK, fine

For the record, since the start of this blog (which was John's idea, by the way), I have blogged 32 times, including impressive streaks of five consecutive and six consecutive, 17 of 21 at one point, and 16 of the last 23. John has blogged a scant 23 of his own.

Also, I am working two jobs (to John's one part-time job), wrote a law review write-on since school ended (which John did not), and am 18 days away from my wedding (while John is busy with one of his one-man jobs mentioned in the previous post).

So suck my balls.


Tre! said...

First, I'm getting a second job after I get back from West Virginia.

Second, I demand a word count on the blog.

Third, if you have so much more going on in your life, you should have more stuff to blog about.

Fourth, I'm sorry I've brought the anonymous haters to the blog. I'm really tired of responding to their thought-provoking insults, like "you're a douchebag" or "you're fat."

Nye! said...

Yes, you're getting a second part-time job. So I'm still up on you by one part-time job and one wedding.

I do have a lot going on, but not a lot that's bloggable, as I've had to sign confidentiality agreements with respect to one of the two jobs, and the wedding. OK, not for the wedding. But being so busy leaves me with little time to do any blogging, so henceforth all blog entries will be written while I'm on the crapper.

Finally, I forgive you for the anonymous haters. I still love you, Son.