Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Legal news

Since this is ostensibly a law school blog, I thought I'd just chime in real quick with some legal news.

UC Law named a new dean late last week. Of all the candidates who gave presentations at the law school, he was the only one I didn't personally hear. The student response was near-unanimous though: they hated him. Well done, UC.

In other legal news, a jury of his peers (at least to the extent that such a thing exists) acquitted Michael Jackson on all 10 counts of child molestation/endangerment/etc earlier this week in California. I hadn't been following the trial, but my understanding is that the turning point was when the younger brother of Jackson's accuser took the stand. Under intense cross-examination, he ultimately impeached himself on several occasions, leading the jury to apparently conclude that the whole thing was a "shake-down." Under pressure, the boy admitted that Jackson was never anything but a gentleman when he was in the room (a gentleman who, apparently, likes to sleep with little boys).

In any case, I think this trial confirms what we knew all along -- it takes an 11 year-old boy to get Michael Jackson off.


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Apple Martini said...

haa, cute. nice zinger. FYI - the bar sucks. turn back now!! get out while you still can!! aaaaa