Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Average Joes

So NBC has decided to go with "I Want to be a Hilton" and "Average Joes" back to back, or as I like to call it "The 2 most degrading hours of television." Some thoughts on the Average Joes:

Aaron - really likes to make an ass of himself. And no, my friend, you look nothing like Ben Affleck. That is why you got the boot, then you cried. Sissy. Then you were hard, and "over it".

Of course, the old guy sings a song to her, and the young woman calls it "sweet." All of us at home know that she means "creepy."

The crazy Dante guy is without a doubt a big crier. Even odds he tells her that he's falling in love with her by the second show.

The guy who uses magic to get women from Saving Silverman is on the show. You laugh when it's in a movie, you cry inside when you see it in real life. Great quote when he got booted though, "Everyone here called me the magician, I guess I have to go home and work on the magic." NBC gave him this chance, but "magic" means "extensive plastic surgery."

"Solid Gold" also got the boot. Anytime you have a nickname that originated in the 70s dance scene, you're screwed.

Igor is sticking around for the second show. Odds are he tries to actually eat the model girl. This could either be his downfall, or a huge plus, depending on how kinky this Vegas girl is.

She eliminated my early favorite, the redheaded college guy. My new favorite is Jesus, who actually is a carpenter. If he doesn't win, I bet Mel Gibson beats the shit out of some NBC execs.

Based on the teaser, this girl makes out with EVERYONE. I love her already!

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