Wednesday, May 25, 2005

There's no place like home

Ah yes, this timeless cliche always rings true, but not always in a positive sense. I'm at home for a few days between the end of finals and my trip to Atlantic City. I thought I might be a little more productive in doing so, as while in Cincy my days consisted of drinking at night and watching TV/playing Xbox all day. Unfortunately my first 24 hours here at home haven't exactly been the model of productivity. In honor of the Brewers/Rockies game I am currently watching on ESPN (Yes, BREWERS/ROCKIES, and I'm even somewhat into the game, even if it's 8-1), We'll look at my day at home through statistical analysis.

Number of Hours at Home : 24
Waking Hours: 14 (That's right, a good 10 hours of sleep last night)
Times I've looked at my law review packet: 10 or so
Times I've actually done any work on it: 0
Phone calls I've missed because of lack of service in our house: 5
Messages that I've responded to: 0
Times my Mother has asked me to do something productive: 8
Times I've obliged: 0 (However, I have gone to the gym, twice!)
Number of times I've seen two high school kids dry humping on the cross country hill at my old high school: 1 (and it was awesome, I was definitely not as good at dry humping when I was in high school)

You get the picture, home does not equal productivity. I don't feel too bad about the law review packet. 100 kids in our class of 126 are writing for it. I mean really, one guy that is writing for it never once paid attention in class. He used to bring Chipotle into class and just sit there and eat, no books, no notes, just burrito. I at least attempt to hide my lack of intellectual participation in class by playing Yahoo Backgammon on the laptop instead of eating smelly mexican food. Whatever floats your boat I guess, I'm sure he'll make law review now and I'll look like a moron.

Anyway, I can't even blog productively at home, so I'm gonna stop this and go back to eating Doritos and drinking Cherry Coke, being at home hasn't stopped my ability to veg.


johnnytsmum said...

right on johnny. there's no place like home. i spent the weekend in somerset and didn't lift a finger (that may have been b/c my fingers were tired fr/exams), but nonetheless it was great. my law review packet has been sifted through and i have read the cases, but i haven't a clue as to what to do now. oh, and if you're wondering, our crim law grades are in, so if you're up to it, take the nasty plunge and log in to your acct.

Alda said...

Dry humping?? Would I want to know what that is?

Dirty Martini said...

The law review process SUCKS. I didn't even get past the blue book exam before I just said fuck it and left it up to the rest to write on. Good luck!! (-:

Apple Martini said...

the write on isn't too bad - just take it step by step. bluebook is a biotch!!! :)

Anonymous said...

what a loser

Nye! said...

We don't actually have a blue book exam. In fact, unless we make law review or moot court, we could make it all the way through this law school without ever seeing a blue book, thanks to the ALWD. So it's just writing for now, and that means there is almost no excuse for not doing it. Which means... I need help coming up with an excuse for why I'm not going to do it.

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot this one:

Number of times whacking off to gay porn: 5

Tre! said...

No, I didn't forget that one. I did forget this one.

Number of days spent hoping-that-someone-would-go-to-the-trouble-of-anonymously-using-a-3rd-grade-insult-over-the-internet: my whole life.

Thank you, I can die happy now.

Tre! said...

For the record, I also said fuck it to the law review process this year. Moot Court?? Maybe, let's see how much work is involved with that.