Sunday, May 15, 2005


I went to a nerd school as an undergrad. A lot of people outside the midwest have never heard of Case Western Reserve, but let me assure you -- it's full of dorks. I guess law schools are technically nerd schools, too, but the general population at UC Law is probably 95% less nerdy than the general population at Reserve. Which is why I was not surprised when this happened.

Have you ever seen those shirts that say, simply, "I put the STUD in studying"? Clever, right? Sure they are. You didn't get a lot of those at C-Dub, because no one wanted to be identified as anything other than a dork. But I'll never forget the day in one of the dining halls my freshman year, when my buddy pointed to the little Asian dude coming down the stairs. Care to guess what his shirt said? Yep, that's right:

"I put the YING in studying."

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