Friday, May 13, 2005

She said "focus"

Here's how fried everyone* is from studying:

The library puts out snacks and coffee and a hot-water thing and hot chocolate mix, and one of my classmates** was in there mixing up some hot chocolate. He opened the packet of Swiss-Miss over the garbage can so if he spilled some, it wouldn't get all over the table. And he then proceeded to pour the entire package of Swiss-Miss, but not into his cup. Into the garbage can. He shook his head, opened another package, dumped it into the water this time, and went back to the books. [Sigh...]

Also, we have just discovered that Tre and I both have a phone interview tomorrow with the same guy for the same job. So we might find out who the real heart and soul of this blog is real soon (answer: probably someone else).

* By everyone, I mean me

** Once again, by one of my classmates, I mean me


Dirty Martini said...

Hang in there! If we can manage to fool them into giving us law degrees - then you're golden.

*by them I mean an ABA accreditied univerisity

**by fool I mean...well, yeah, fool.


johnnytsmum said...

jeffrey, i concur in your assessment of being fried fr/finals. in fact, *we're so fried that we lost our dodgeball game to some pseudomales and continued to play terrible bball today. *we sucked and lost a chance a free t-shirt.

*by we (both times), i mean john

Alda said...

So. This fried of yours. How long has he been friend?

Tre! said...

Brandon, I'd say something pithy and witty, but now we're even after my Kentucky column. Just remember, I'm the most petty individual on Earth.



EK said...

Only minutes after reading your post, I went to pour myself a tasty glass of milk. I poured it, took the gallon jug in my room, and put the glass in the fridge.

Rock on.

Apple Martini said...

don't worry. at least you didn't spill a whole super-large scathingly hot cup of coffee all over the poor cafeteria lady while there was a huge line of impatient law students waiting to check out. she screamed and screamed and told me to "just go, just go" and everyone looked at me like i was an alien. the next day, i went to beg for forgiveness again and she reasured me that "it only burned a little" and that "it almost all came out of her clothes." nice.