Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Seven Random Tuesday Thoughts

1.) I tried getting drunk every night last week like I did in undergrad. I don't recommend this for anyone in law school. I'm up to my ass in work now. So there's my excuse for not blogging, drinking and the repurcussions of drinking.

2.) We visited Miami University on Friday night. While it was better than Granville, they don't make undergrads like they used to (more on this to come in a future post).

3.) Does anyone else thing that the Pope actually died on Friday, and the Vatican was a little worried about everyone thinking it was an April Fool's joke?? Think about it. While you are thinking about it, also tell me why Catholics are so uptight about religion when the Pope wears such a funny hat. He obviously has a sense of humor, as evidenced by his attempted April Fool's joke that was thwarted by the bishops. Good man, that Pope. I wish he would have contributed to our blog.

4.) Why do people put how much they love their significant other on their away message. First, the rest of us don't give two shits about how much you love her/him. If you can't tell her/him that to their face, then you probably shouldn't be in a relationship anyway. Second, when I check away messages to pass time in class, I want something to entertain me. Give me something witty, or at least a link to something like this picture. Maybe even a link to another blog. Don't give me bullshit that will just make me hate people in mushy relationships even more.

5.) I don't have a job for the summer. With each day that passes, I feel more and more like I will end up bartending. The job placement office does not find this as funny and exciting as I do.

6.) The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.

7.) I love Friendster and the Facebook. Why, you ask? It's simple, you know how cool you are relative to your friends by the number of friends you have. I mean, it's just one big popularity contest right? But if you have too many friends on a site like that, don't you start to wonder..... Either way, I'm gonna keep adding as many friends as possible.


Apple Martini said...

1. I've tried it. I've tried it as recently as last week. You'll never be 18 again. Accept it.

2. All the undergrads here look like Abercrombie models to me - but, of course, they are all about 10 years younger...

3. I'm Catholic and I can tell you, we appreciate our funny hats. You just can't tell because we are too busy chanting Latin prayers.

4. Thanks for the link :)

5. Screw career services. 1st year: got a job at a firm through a friend after summer had already started. 2nd year: a friend hooked me up in April with a job clerking for a judge. 3rd year: well, I actually did get a firm job through career services but it was total luck and LOTS of pursuing and follow up on my part. Point is, contact all your friends and don't stress.

6. 75 degrees and sunny.

7. I like Friendster but have become a MySpace convert due to the plethora of amusing wackos who try to add me to their friend list. I enjoy denying them :)

Dirty Martini said...

2. All the undergrads here DO look like A&F models!! Monday is sorrority mtg night and trying to drive through campus is like wading in a sea of malibu barbies. Its very disconcerting. I wonder if undergrads have to send pictures with their admissions applications like at Ole Miss? Now there's a place that will make a decent looking person feel downright average....they have no use for ugly people in Oxford. I still think there was something in the water there.

3. She does like her funny hats. And I just can't tell you how often I've come downstairs to find her chanting over her oatmeal (its creepy).

4. Yes - thank you! Too bad we're all swamped (trying to graduate and get the hell out of here) and boring lately. We'll be back in May!!

5. I second that. Its all who you know....and career services blows!!!!

Good luck with finals guys. Don't worry - you can learn any legal subject in 3 days. (-;

Moral Turpitude said...

I assume people put mushy things in their away messages so their significant other won't suspect they're out making arrangements to have this significant other "offed". That's why I'd do it.

Nye! said...

Wow, that is moral turpitude.

Dildo said...

1. Hell I couldn't even do it in undergrad, but then again, I'm a a pussy.

2. I will never be in another place like Tuscaloosa.

3. See you in Hell Tre.

4. I love love.

5. I used Career Services here, but I had to use connections to actually be successful.

6. 78 degrees, sun, and I'm in the library.

7. Facebook fan, but you would be too if you could just go on there and search for Alabama undergrads.