Saturday, April 23, 2005

NFL Draft diary, take three

4:11 – Breaking in from pizza and poker to report that Aaron Rodgers is still in the green room. They haven’t put the camera on him in awhile, presumably because he’s crying.

4:19 – Apparently they didn’t have a camera on Rodgers lately because he had to take a “private moment” outside the green room. This means he either went to the bathroom and took a leak, because he’d been sitting there too long, or he went to the bathroom and cried, because he’d been sitting there too long. Either way is fine with me.

4:28 – The announcers are openly pining for Rodgers to get picked because the whole scenario is so darn awkward.

4:30 – Rodgers is back from his “private moment.” He looks like a little kid who lost his mommy.

4:46 – The Packers mercifully end the Rodgers saga and take him with the 24th overall selection, thereby anointing him the successor to Brett Favre, who is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. So he’s starting his career with a damaged psyche because of his four-and-a-half hour wait in the green room, and then he’ll be thrown onto the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field and be expected to replace a legend? There’s no way this can have a happy ending, is there?

5:07 – Cabin fever has set in, big time. We need to get out of my apartment, so we took a quick walk down to the end of the street so my friends could see Kentucky in its bluegrass splendor. Thrilling.

5:49 – The Browns make Oklahoma safety Brodney Pool their second selection in the draft. I like Pool, and think he’s a pretty good player, but I just can’t shake this nagging feeling that neither of these first two guys are going to be game-breakers. Edwards’ bust-factor is through the roof (to be fair, the bust factor of all first-round receivers is pretty high) and it really seems like there were half a dozen or so players still available that the Browns could use more than a safety. But what do I know. I’m just a law student.

7:02 – After an hour of trying to solve Abby's comptuer problems and wondering who some of these selections are, we decide that the walk to see Kentucky wasn't enoug, and plan a bowling excursion. I'll give a day-one recap of the draft and a frame-by-frame account of the bowling extravaganza on Sunday.


Me said...

I was upset with the Browns second round draft pick as well. As for their first round draft pick, I was thinking that it makes more sense to get something we need, rather than a 3rd receiver, and that's before you consider that theoretically Winslow will be catching balls too. Too many WRs is pointless - noy just cause Edwards had that huge drop v. OSU. And part of me really wanted Nugent with that second round draft pick (I knew he wouldn't make it to the third round). I've spent so long praying to the holy church of Nugent...what can I say. Even if you have Dawson and likely don't NEED Nugent like you need an offensive line. Or almost every position, I guess.

Kenny! said...

It's Monday, I want my frame by frame. In any case, yeah, where the hell is our offensive line going to come from man? I say we stick the Whitlings in there ...