Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Draft wrap-up

I didn't bring you the frame-by-frame analysis of the bowling because, well, it was bowling. Fun to do, not so fun to talk about. However, I will say that we bowled five games, and I averaged over 150 per, including a 174 and 166. Not bad for not having bowled in over a year.

The Browns made five draft picks that I didn't get to. Their third-round pick was Charlie Frye, the local boy and Akron QB. As my friend Tim pointed out, if he's as good as they say he is, shoudln't he be able to do a little more for his team than he did at Akron? We can see how Chaun Thompson can be a dominating OLB and have his team still go 0-11, because how much can you do for your team at OLB? But as a QB, shouldn't you be able to do better than 6-5 last year? On the other hand, they got him in the third, so it was probably worth the risk. He could be good.

Of the second-day picks, I'll just say that sixth-rounder Andrew Hoffman intrigues me because he missed his sophomore season after dropping a keg of beer on his foot. Nevermind that any sophomore who gets injured before the football season is probably only 19 years old, the part that I like is that he was stealing the keg when it happened. He'll be a fun guy to have in the locker room.

A few non-draft thoughts. First, Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi had his reinstatement hearing with the NHL today. If this isn't hysterical, I don't know what is. To what are they reinstating him? He's going from the "Inactive - Suspended" list to the "Inactive - Locked Out" list.

Second, is there a more bizarre combination in afternoon television than Jim Rome and Roger Lodge? How does Rome, who is probably the best interviewer in the sports world and the self-proclaimed "King of Smack," get paired with a two-bit hack of a dating show host like Lodge? Things like this make me honestly believe that I could coach the national curling team some day.


Anonymous said...

Lodge is actually an LA sports reporter. Not that LA has a bumping sports scene, but he does have some credibility in the sports world.

At least Rome didn't get paired with that host from Street Smarts.

Nye! said...

That's interesting man, that's fucking interesting. You'd think, then, that they'd indicate his sports reporter status on the show. Instead, they identify him as "Roger Lodge - Host, Blind Date."

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