Wednesday, April 20, 2005

9 minutes, 6 dollars

No, no, I'm not talking about going rates for hookers in Cincinnati, it's the going rate for parking in city garages.

So I go downtown to McFadden's on Friday night with my law school constituents (including KRez, who took a swig from some old guys plastic flask of Jim Beam, and instead of getting a good buzz got Hep C) and I park in a city garage off Garfield. It plainly advertised:

Evening/Overnight Parking : $1
Sat/Sun Max: $1

I thought this meant at most I'd have to pay $1. However, as I left the garage on Saturday afternoon, after playing basketball to sweat out the large amounts of SoCo and Miller Light I had consumed the night before, the attendant calmly asked for $7. I informed him that I had just parked overnight, and I would pay my dollar and be on my way. He told me the machine said $7, that's what I had to pay. Due to his lack of mastery over the English language, I figured he wasn't in charge here, and asked to speak to his superior.

This got me nowhere. His "superior" couldnt' do anything for me. He showed me the clause on the ticket that said "No employee can alter the terms of this contract." Good wording. No employee of the city of Cincy, or just no employee period? I think I may have to take an appeal directly to the new Pope to get the amount charged lowered, or maybe Bill Gates. Poor wording aside, the thing that really ticked me off was why I was being charged $6 extra.

I had parked in the garage at 4:51 (yes, I know, early start to the drinking). If I had parked there at 5:00, I would have paid $1. I guess 5 PM is when they define evening as starting, although they don't post this anywhere. If you do the math, I paid 6 bucks for 9 minutes of parking. You don't pay $40/hour to park in a dingy garage that smells like gasoline and urine. I mean, maybe if I got an oriental massage while leaving the garage, but there was no happy ending on this day.

On an unrelated topic, I'm glad we got a new Pope, but I'll miss the Pope coverage for sure. Also, I don't understand the boy-band like obsession with the naming of the Pope. I saw people screaming, crying, and fainting when they named the guy. Um, he was part of the Hitler Youth movement at one point in his life. Also, did we forget the Catholic priests are the ones that are touching little boys?? Hopefully these same people cheer as loud at the Michael Jackson trial.


Apple Martini said...

I feel your pain - so irritating! I think the most ridiculous parking I ever experienced was in Boston - like $20 for 1/2 hour downtown! aarg!

Alda said...

I'm with you on the pope thing. I just don't get it. OTOH I love the "PapaRazzi" moniker! lol