Friday, March 04, 2005

My property professor is angry

"Maybe there's privity of estate? IF SOMEONE COMES IN MY HOUSE AND BURGLES ME, DO WE HAVE PRIVITY OF ESTATE?! NO!! HE'S STEALING STUFF FROM MY GODDAMN HOUSE!" - Joseph Biancalana, property professor, to a petrified student who had suggested that privity of estate may exist between a landlord and an unauthorized sub-lessee.


1.0 said...

This story clearly lacks substance, bring back Wingo

Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing story, i love it, i'm going to have to tell that story to papa knox, the dickinson school of law's foremost property professor....he doesn't berate people like that, he does it in a more subtle, "i bet if this person was dumb enough to make that comment then they're probably too dumb to realize i'm making fun of them now" kinda way