Friday, March 11, 2005

I am a hillbilly

It's true. I was born and raised on a farm, albeit a small one. I've spent entire summers putting up hay and I've mucked my share of stalls. And I don't mind the smell of poop, though I prefer it to belong to animals and not, say, Najeh Davenport.

So in Property today (boy, from this blog, you'd think that was my only course) when the prof started to read a problem about a silage auger and announced that he hoped someone in the class grew up on a farm, 130 eyes turned directly to me. I pretended not to notice, of course, but after the silence became oppressive I slowly raised my hand and explained what it was for.

OK, so the real reason for writing this is not to tell you that everyone then laughed at me (even though they did) or to demonstrate that I'm smarter than you because I know what a silage auger is (even though I am). No, the real reason, obviously, is that this is a great opportunity to link to pictures of poop. Here is another one. And here, here, and here.

Hot damn, I'm funny.

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