Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How to make law school less stressful

It's just a simple seven-stop process:

  1. Ignore all emails from the law school’s registrar because hey, all 1L classes are required, so there’s no need to register, right?
  2. Attend class for two weeks, oblivious to the fact that you’re not technically in the class.
  3. Eventually register in the third week of the semester when a prof complains that you’re on her seating chart but not her class list. As if anyone would ever dream of sitting in on her horrible, boring class for no credit.
  4. Get added to class rosters at the end of January.
  5. Find your way into a Property class where the professor calls on students from a class roster.
  6. Notice two weeks before your brief is due that everyone else in the class has been called on once, and some people have now been called on twice, and you still have not.
  7. Put two and two together, and realize that the professor printed his class roster at the start of the term, so if you don’t want to do any reading until your brief is done, you’re home free.

The lesson, as always – it pays to be irresponsible.


Apple Martini said...

So true!! I'm always amazed at the idiots who are actually concerned that their name isn't on the list - like the professor will miss out on their "brilliant" assessment of the law (Hello! Anonymous grading dumbasses!!)

Dirty Martini said...

I've also found that skipping class at least once a week to watch soaps and never taking notes (they just confuse you later)help keep the stress level low. As for exams, Apple Martini and I have consistently proven that you can learn ANY subject in about 3 days. Well - maybe not Evidence. That truly was a bad idea! (-;